WITWICS? #278 FOTHOU Pt.1 season 5 1995

High Quality Freak

by High Quality Freak

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Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? Pt.1 #278 season 5 1995. Wonder Rat steals Fox Theater!


When you gotten four loots and locations put them on a post card along with your WHOOP! WHOOP! Name and address and send them to...

P.O BOX 4300
NY, NY 1063!

And everyday we select five people whos list are correct and send them each a free Carnen t-shirt.
By GameShowNetwork 6 years ago
Greg: Well, thank-you, Chief, for raising that burning question and then not being able to answer it. Alex Trebek would never do that, you realize...

Chief: Do I LOOK like Alex Trebek?!

Greg: I didn't say that...I--I--no, you don't.

By Anson D. Grimes 6 years ago
I love that Office sketch.

LOL @ the Chase! Jeff's walking so stiff! And Sean's crawling on the floor *again*. He must really like doing that. **snerk.**
By Faye Valentine 6 years ago