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    #280 Se Habla Espa-ol Pt.2

    High Quality Freak

    by High Quality Freak

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    Deangelo Stevens
    Aw, Don't cry...Patty, stealing, robbery, and breaking the law is not an option for crybaby schoolgirl hehehe!
    By Deangelo Stevens4 years ago
    Well, to me, it's funnier when ACME Man's voice is heard on the pen recorder.
    By TVLubber7 years ago
    Anson D. Grimes
    I know sometimes with the pencorder on the Patty Larceny themed episodes, when the Chief would hit the playback button on the pencorder, it would play Rockapella singing "Pa-pa-pa-Patty!" That was always my favorite because it always left her baffled. Or pissed. Or both, could never really tell, although I suspect there was a hint of both at times.
    By Anson D. Grimes7 years ago
    I just got back from the prison laundry and they mix colors and whites in the same wash.(cries) I can't stand it anymore. Go find Carmen in North America. Tell her to help me.
    By Seth7 years ago
    Brrrrrrrrr! But no!
    Brrrrrrrrr! Still nothing!
    (imitate buzzer)
    Spanish Panic!
    By TVLubber7 years ago
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