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    The Giving Tree - Movie

    Alan Tide

    by Alan Tide

    "Once there was a tree ... and she
    loved a little boy." So begins a
    story of unforgettable perception,
    beautifully written.

    "This Pixel-Media Movie,
    augments the piece by bringing
    together a blend of diction and music
    in a distinctive and impressive manner".

    Every day the boy would come
    to the tree to eat her apples, swing
    from her branches, or slide down
    her trunk ... and the tree was happy.
    But as the boy grew older he began
    to want more from the tree, and
    the tree gave and gave.

    This is a tender story, touched
    with sadness, aglow with consolation.
    Shel Silverstein has created a
    moving parable for readers of all ages
    that offers an affecting interpretation
    of the gift of giving and a serene
    acceptance of another's capacity to
    love in return.