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    Sora's Henshin

    Amaya Rei

    by Amaya Rei

    Anime belongs to meee!
    Music does not.
    Also without voice, because noboys has auditioned for her T-T poor Sora-chan. Anyway, here's her Henshin

    ~About Sora~

    Sora was born from a dead mother. Her mother committed suicide when she was 8 months pregnant with Sora, but somehow the doctors managed to save little Sora. Sora was then taken into Yuki's family and raised as their own. She is very aloof and distant most of the time, and tends to zone out and daydream a lot. You can always tell when shes thinking about her mother because she might start to cry or she might become very very still and silent.
    Her Info:
    Element: Air
    Planet: Saturn
    Color: Green