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    That Girl's got Character! Pt.2

    High Quality Freak

    by High Quality Freak

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    That was a funny thing that a robot in a paralelle universe could host a gameshow i thought humans were only aloud to host gameshows and compete in them
    By 90skid946 years ago
    Raymond Bermea
    Now the Netherlands Antilles is called Curacao.
    By Raymond Bermea6 years ago
    Even the slightest pessimism does not affect the ratings. It's only a single episode. Besides, the ratings weren't the cause of the cancellation. The ratings were still up. Pessimism doesn't change a thing.
    By TVLubber7 years ago
    But there's no possible way they could advance, so there's no point in keeping the Gumshoes positive.
    By TVLubber7 years ago
    How can Greg say that anything can happen when Joey's score is only 25 Crime Bucks, and it's impossible for any of the others to tie or get less than 25, no matter how many Crime Bucks are wagered?
    By TVLubber7 years ago
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