That Girl's got Character! Pt.1

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by High Quality Freak

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I don't mean to nitpick, really I don't, but this episode is entitled "That Girl's Got Characters", not "That Girl's Got Character!"
By Anson D. Grimes 6 years ago
Woo, my hometown, San Francisco, is the city for the Lightning Round! For the third question, however, "Homer, Marge, or Bart" is very funny, but we do have more than one public transit system here in "The City" as we locals and natives alike call it. Our local transit system is called "Muni" (short for "[The] San Francisco Municipal Railway"), which features another subway that parallels part of BART. Surely, that could have been given as a factual answer choice.
By witwicipedia 6 years ago
I officially love this version and the original version of this song
By TVLubber 6 years ago
Those parallel universe sketches are so strange. LOL. Is it Barry playing the alien, or is it Greg with his voice drastically slowed down?

And yay for the guys parodying the Lovin' Spoonful's Do You Believe in Magic? song! Awesome!
By Faye Valentine 6 years ago
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