Jolokia Pepper Test


door Biertijd

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Sexy. anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? hihi
Door trinity77777 5 jaren geleden
he looks exactly like that one guy from dawson's creek. Except not 17 anymore. And no 90's hair.
Door mdhfyb 5 jaren geleden
if this wasn't already obvious to most of you, what "bluevinylI93" said demonstrates very poor logic. Comedians in the past have subjected themselves to acts of pain or misery for their comedy. Just because it's suppose to be funny doesn't mean they faked it. Period. In fact, it's funnier if they actually did it for real.

This doesn't make the argument that this video isn't fake, I'm trying to say that "bluevynl"s reasoning is very flawed.
Door xD3ntex 5 jaren geleden
I grow the Bhut Jolokia, or Naga Jolokia. Trust me, they are this hot. Even touching the cut stalk to your tongue when harvesting creates insane heat.
It's not a carrot.
Door CurryMuncher 5 jaren geleden
That could hurt in a lot of ways.
Door TheMagHouse 5 jaren geleden
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