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    I'd Come For You - Animash


    by neravaira

    4 791 views


    I love this video. This one was one of the reasons I joined into the Dailymotion. All those flashes, how well lyrics fit with the film... Nice, just very nice.
    By larsa77 years ago
    I am so glad I found you! I was so shocked to discover that you had been suspended :( I hope you will upload Two Brothers Far Away, that was one of my favorites! Thanks!
    By Liang91marie7 years ago
    Call me Athon
    Ah I'm so happy the vid is still up here! *Hugs vid* I love this one! I love the emotion in this video. And thanks for letting me know this beautiful song
    And Nera, I'm very sorry for your account. But I hope you can do more in your 'real' live like you said in the video that Summerlost uploaded.

    Anyway, this video is in my favs ^^
    By Call me Athon7 years ago
    Amaya Rei
    halleluyah! another YT user who has a backup account here!
    I love this video, btw *-* amazing
    By Amaya Rei7 years ago
    Balto Racing 2009
    That was great, really great!
    By Balto Racing 20097 years ago
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