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    Forex trading mistakes that make the difference between amat


    by dcgloballlc

    When you first learn Forex trading and then begin to trade the currency markets, the adrenaline rush from making that initial successful money making trade can be over whelming. After all, in most cases you have all ready invested both your time and your money in this new method of acquiring wealth and are wondering if your effort is going to pay off or just be one more wasted attempt.

    There is a famous quote that says, Its funny, the harder I work, the luckier I get. Nothing ever stated was more applicable than that saying to the Forex markets. As soon as you tell your friends, family and co-workers about the money your making in the currency markets, you know what they are all going to say, I do, because I heard it. It will be something like this, You were lucky, let's see you do it again, or be careful investing is difficult.

    Now after a few million in the bank, all I hear from the same people is, Will you teach me how to do it? I tell them, How hard can it be, a currency can only go one of two ways, up or down.