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    Aromatherapy: Common Essential Oils


    by rstuv845

    37 views There has been a huge influx of people interested in aromatherapy over the course of the last five years. The reason for this could be the burgeoning interest in all alternative therapies. But no matter the reason, major retailers have jumped onto the aromatherapy bandwagon and now provide easy access to a number of common essential oils.

    Some of the most popular essential oils seen in stores today are those used for emotional wellbeing. These oils are often packaged according to their desired effect and not by what they treat. For example, aromatherapy oils like lavender, which help ease anxiety, are often used in products labeled "relaxation". Rose and ylang ylang are often packaged as "romance" products, though their actual use is to treat stress. Thus it is important for aromatherapy practitioners to be aware of the actual uses of the oils and not just the corporate labels.