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    Before The Dawn (for MoscoMoon666)

    Amaya Rei

    by Amaya Rei

    I disclaim Avatar, that belongs to Mike and Brian and the evil animators of Viacom. I also disclaim the song, it belongs to Evanescence.
    This was purely fan made, non profit, and no copyright intended.
    Song: Before the Dawn
    Artist: Evanescence
    I would like to dedicate this to Tammy-chan (Moscomoon666) for inspiring me with her AMAZING spirit video witht his song, if you havent watched it yet, do it NOW!
    I am also entering this video in iAnimeCosplayer's AMV contest, which, btw, JOIN! the more the merrier!

    Blue and White: Tokka Scenes
    Red and White: Taang Scenes
    White: Just Toph
    White and Black: Toko Scenes

    Aang chooses Katara over Toph. Toph is sad, angry and confused, so she goes to Zuko for help, but he just hurts her too, and as he does, she thinks of Aang and wishes for him. Then, she goes to Sokka, and helps him rescue Suki, but then Sokka chooses Suki over Toph, even after showing signs of affection towards her. So, once again Toph is alone.
    But then Toph sees what Aang has become and sees him turning evil. She cries out in despair to him for him to stop. He stops and doesn't kill the firelord, hearing Toph's voice, and realizes how wrong he was in chooses Katara over Toph, and instead of using hate to fight the firelord, he uses the thought of protecting Toph and beats the firelord without killing him. Then, Sokka tries to save Toph because she jumps out of a window, thinking of how alone she is, not knowing that Aang still loves her. Sokka holds on to Toph but she keeps slipping. Sokka and Toph could never have a serious relationship that wouldn't slip through his fingers. So, Aang saves Toph, and Toph and Aang live happily ever after.