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    Moringa Purifies Water & Detoxifies the Body

    Carlos Erazo

    by Carlos Erazo

    Zija is where dreams live...
    The Zija story begins with one man viewing a Discovery Channel documentary on a plant grown in far away lands. As he watched, his interest piqued when he observed people literally being sustained by consuming small amounts of this miracle plant. So he began asking the right questions and the answers arrived from scientists, biochemists, and pharmacologists the world over.

    The man asking the questions was Ken Brailsford, a super achiever in the nutritional supplement industry, the founder of Zija and the father of herbal encapsulation. With two other hugely successful nutrition companies to his credit, he knew this plant was a true nutritional miracle.

    Fueled by the desire to share this miracle plant with the world, he dug deeper. He enlisted the research skills of research and medical professionals and found stacks of supporting research. The findings were overwhelming! And, with combined decades of research and studies, the Zija team knew that it was time for the world to learn about Moringa - the "Miracle Tree".

    Today, Mr. Brailsford's vision has been confirmed. Ongoing Moringa research has been validated with thousands of individual experiences in countries all over the world. Moringa could be the miracle food the world has been looking for and Zija International is positioned to deliver this miracle plant to the world in it's safe and efficacious line of Moringa oleifera products.