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    Pimp-C Ft Mike Jones & Bun-B- Pourin' Up


    by lilmarcus

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    ; *haha* Merci pour la video;)
    By aesicafiteie6 years ago
    Rich Mundo
    wHATUP bIG mEECH, Know this Home Boy, WE dont do the clique shit, if I showed u my sisters u would understand, Ughhhh Like Master P, Nigga I foreclosed My Crack Houses, Cause I did the Time, But didnt get paid for my time, Mike Jones, what the business is, For any foes if u rapping and yo dudes see me in traffic, KNow We GEt drastic, we Save that Intelligent Shit For Catherine, See Traffic, Then We Put the Asesina of Barranquilla a little realer to the Theater, If yall aint convinced, them u lose ya sense, ya taste first, ya hearing next, then ya sight, Then Give you your taste back and tell u to it this, Now I give u ya sight back, you just ate ya family members, Gold Member unlike Mike Myers, I know the Prices, No Dr. Evil Me, I Inflate the Game, and Drop the Game, and Its Screwed, I aint Rude, But I know That Yard Talk, No Buatty Boy in Me, In Georgia, they Call Me Big Boi, I had them Pits, Saw Vick, Im still Investing In Pits, But Aint no fighting tonite, "Its Time To Eat" -Yo Gott
    By Rich Mundo7 years ago
    By gonzales438 years ago
    é mé va tfaire metre ribery de mon cul va 50 a plus de respect ke dr dre alr ta geule conar
    By _50cent_8 years ago
    putin g apri sa mor ya pa lonten le choc respec mec
    By _50cent_8 years ago
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