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    On Pins and Needles: A Look at Acupuncture


    by rstuv845

    119 views Acupuncture. For many needle-phobics, the idea of having a needle inserted into their skin for any length of time seems a torture. But there is good reason for the popularity and staying power of this alternative medicine practice: it has worked for 5000 years, and continues to improve the wellbeing of those who undergo the treatments.

    Acupuncture is the Chinese alternative medical practice of inserting very small needles into the skin in strategic places. These places are specially chosen for their effect on specific parts of a person's physiology. Sometimes acupuncture needles also work with electricity to induce the physiological benefits of the particular points. Often another alternative therapy called Moxibustion is used with acupuncture; this involves the burning of herbs to elicit physiological benefits. Acupressure is also based in the same principles as acupuncture and is sometimes used in conjuncture with acupuncture.