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    Sopranist Patrick Husson on a French national TV program


    by sombach

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    The amazing French male soprano (sopranist, falsetist) singer Patrick Husson (called "le Jardinier" in France - "the Gardener"- because of his main job) in his very first TV documentary. Filmed in his Ammerschwihr's house (Alsace, east of France) and in the church of the village accompanied by organist Pierre Gerthoffert. This short documentary was broadcasted during Christmas 1992 on the French National TV during 8pm news (TF1). Since this program he has performed with various ensembles (duet with rare instruments - Thomas Bloch, glassharmonica and piano -, with organ, with chamber music ensemble, with orchestras) all over the world and has played in movie by Claude Lelouch.

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