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    Sopranist - glassharmonica / Patrick Husson and Thomas Bloch


    by sombach

    The French male soprano (sopranist, falsetist) Patrick Husson (also known as "le Jardinier" - "the gardener" because of his main job) with multi-instrumentalist Thomas Bloch (glassharmonica, ondes Martenot, cristal Baschet, piano) play a short part of Thomas Bloch's "Christ Hall" for sopranist, glassharmonica and tape, live in Angers Cathedral (France). June 26, 2006.

    Patrick Husson informations :
    Thomas Bloch informations :

    Other names : armonica de verre (France), Armonica de vidro, orgue de verre (France, Belgium), crystal harmonica, crystal armonica, glass organ, crystal organ, Armónica de cristal (Spain), Armonica a bicchieri (Italian), glasharmonika (Germany, Denmark, Sweden), glassharmonika (Norway), Harmonika szklana (Poland), close instruments : glass harp, glassharfe, glass harfe, harpe de verre, verrophon, verrophone, seraphim, verres musicaux, musical glasses