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Despite The Economy, The Airshow Industry Seems Optimistic The annual ICAS Airshow Convention is one of our favorite events of the year... both for the pure enjoyment of our fellowship with an amazing group of people, as well as the bell weather research we get from our attendance. Following a fairly safe and positive year, ANN sat down with International Council of AirShows President, John Cudahy to see what the current economic malaise may do to a cost-conscious industry, as well as other pressing aero-issues. The airshow industry often serves as the public's best view of the excitement and potential of the aviation world, so a healthy airshow industry seems critical to the well-being of flyers everywhere. ICAS tells us that Airshows draw large numbers of demographically attractive spectators - a well-educated, affluent group of men, women and children of all ages. More than 70 percent of the audience at an air show has had some college education. Three quarters report household income of $35,000 or more. The average spectator is just under 39 years of age, but more than 53 percent of spectators are between 30 and 50. ICAS notes that Airshows offer a consistently and historically safe environment for millions of spectators each year. Since current rules were implemented nearly 50 years ago, there has not been a single spectator fatality at a North American show – an enviable safety record for any business. But... they're not satisfied to leave it that. A 'small working group' of ICAS members met last year to begin work on a new Safety Management System for the air show industry that will serve as an important tool in improving air show safety. As far as 2008 looked, it seems to have been a good start. Aero-TV's Conversation With ICAS Prez, John Cudahy. FMI:,,, Copyright 2009, Aero-News Network, Inc., ALL Rights Reserved.