GIVE IT UP by Cold War

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At the end of the eighties, to stop the Cold War, Reagan & Gorbachev sent their two best soldiers in an ultimate fight on the Baltic Sea.

"Give it up" by Cold War

Directed by Nicolas Alberny, Jean-Frederic Chaleyat, Jean-Christian Tassy

Written & Edited by Jean-Frederic Chaleyat

Starring G.I. Jessy & K.G.B Agent Anouchka

To Fabien Batista, Clément Dames, Bruno Ginestet, Julien Meesters & Mikros Image, once again, many thanks for your indispensable and greatly appreciated support.

Location : Baltic Sea

Link : &

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i can't believe no one knows about this awesome channel? btw check out my pics!! !!
Par Fahima102 il y a 3 ans
((Very sexy
Par JenniLady il y a 5 ans
c pourrit !
Par Gaetan de Beyssac il y a 5 ans
T'es trop belle ma petite lulu sur le clip ^^
mOi je devient fan de tOi c'est décidé ^^
Par Akronos il y a 5 ans
News sur M6 :
Par Jean-Frederic Chaleyat il y a 5 ans
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