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    Slapped (Short Movie) Extended Version

    David Verlic

    per David Verlic

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    The short movie Slapped was made for the little video marathon 6*60 fast by Making'GO in Gorizia, Italy. This short movie was taped, edited and finished in six hours by slovene cast acting in italian language. Before the movie was conceived we recived the instructions that it has to contain a slap and has to be done with only six shots. The original version was one minute long. This extended version has new music, credits and english subtitles.

    Cast: Dejan Gregoric, Evelin Bizjak, David Verlic, Andrijana Boskoska - Batic, Jaka Curlic in Adi Lasic
    Recorded: 13th December 2008
    Sempeter pri Gorici, Slovenia