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    Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 1)


    by TheLH

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    Wild Boar
    So lame it seems a desperate attempt; kid is making a point that high volume will greatly accelerate the process. Ian Juby explains these well on Genesis Week.
    - old earth creationist, mainstream "science" full of shit.
    By Wild BoarLast year
    Nick Dutch
    And that was when he was good and before he went insane. Quite sad really
    By Nick Dutch5 years ago
    yohan beaupre
    the really really sad part about this is that people want to teach this nonsense in schools wich will ceate more ppl like ENG who just commented without being stupid , just unable to grasp the different between verifiable science and propaganda.

    please please please, lets enforce permits to reproduce..
    By yohan beaupre6 years ago
    yo, zesty-lemons, creationism is not compatible with modern cosmological, geological, biological, or any other scientific views and theories, no matter what pseudoscience you think is 'based on the complexity of our universe'. that's bullshit. you act like you're so superior to 'stupid creationists' when you're just as deluded as they are.
    By tonycc6766 years ago