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    It’s Emotional and Not Mental


    by rstuv845

    31 views Anxiety is one of those things in life difficult to describe. When you’re anxious all the time it can actually make you feel as if you’re losing control emotionally and mentally. That really frightens some people and prevents them from seeking help. But anxiety is not a mental illness. When you are anxious about life in general, or have a phobia about something in particular, you have an emotional disorder.

    Fortunately, emotional disorders such as anxiety are very open to treatment. You can even help yourself in many cases through proven self-help methods. There are lots of programs, tapes, books and so on that show you how to stop needless worrying and start enjoying living. You can absolutely recover from anxiety. Of course, there are subdivisions of general anxiety. They include classifications like panic disorder and agoraphobia. All forms of anxiety disorders are treatable.