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    YOUTUBE POOP: Troubles with Snowplough


    by SmurfyDan

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    Whilst the Postpone of the last part of Duck vs. Diesel - Part 5 is coming very soon (as soon as I get the new computer for my dad's house, Hopefully!)

    Since MissOliverAndBlossom did a YTP of his T&F Series. (using Abobe Premire) I thought of doing a YTP of one of my Redubs by using Pinnacle Studios after fiddling with Windows Media Player whilst watching the Redub which making me laugh, that is why I started it in Pinnacle Studios.

    Though I was hardwork, I'm not sure it'll be possibly the best one. but should make you laugh! ;)

    Thomas, Elizabeth, Terence and Fatty were doing some silly but funny antics in the Winter. whilst AVGN is still a Scrooge, and having his own Drunking Twist.....

    Enjoy! :)


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