Clérambault - Caprice sur les Grands Jeux (Gloria Patri)

Gilberto C Guarino

by Gilberto C Guarino

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Dedicated to his teacher, André Raison, L.-N.Clérambault's "Premier Livre d'Orgue" was conceived to be played either in a "cabinet d' orgue" or in a Great church Instrument. The "Livre" appeared in 1.710, comprising two suites: The first, "du prémier ton éclesiastique"; the second, "du deuxième ton éclesiastique". It is widely acknowledged as his masterpiece.
According to Emmanuel Mandrin, the "Suite du Deuxième Ton (...) encore une fois associe une grande maîtrise des styles français et italien, parfaite illustration de ces goûts réunis qu' écrira François Couperin, en 1.724."
The "Caprice sur les Grands Jeux", a fugue, is a work of strong originality. Gilles Cantagrel writes that, "en 1710,(...) une assimilation aussi maîtrisée du style italien n'est pas encore monnaie courante." Clérambaults "First Organ Book" is unique among the "Livres d' Orgue" of french classical period, also because the music is intended to both liturgical and secular purposes.
The instrumento in which the whole "Suite" was played is a samall Cavaillé-Coll (08 stops, 02 manuals and pedalboard "en tirasse"), probably #692, built in 1898.
The church is Our Lady of Carmo (Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, RJ/Brasil)

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