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    Stay With Me


    by Rin

    ***PLEASE READ***
    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the materials used in the making of this video. It is completely fan-made!

    **Opening Information**
    Artist: Yanni
    Footage: Final Fantasy X
    Studio: Mourning Thorn

    *Main Information*
    Song: Stay With Me
    Artist: Danity Kane
    Footage: Final FantasyVII:Advent Children, Final FantasyVII:Crisis Core, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XII
    Program Used: Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8.0
    Video Dedicated to: My best friend Jade(Who introduced me to this song)

    Couples In Video:
    Ashe & Rasler
    Tifa & Cloud
    Areith & Zack
    Yuna & Tidus

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