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Chant de desespoir des palestiniens .
texte en Anglais :
Palestine , My name is Palestine I wrote my name at all fields with a unique font greater than all titles The letters of my name, the letters of my name, live inside me, feed me, spread the soul and fire inside my body The mountains of the river, knows me well I spent all my power and ask my nation help And Saladin was calling, calling inside me And my Arabic origin is asking me for freedom and revenge And those flags which were folded at Hatiin (battle) And the caller of Al Aqsa Masjid is calling for help And thousands of prisoners are calling for help Calling the greater nation and calling for millions Go to Al Quds(Jerusalem), to a war where the oppressed are, to stop the injustice of the Zionism, and raise the flag of Palestine My words will remain the same Palestine, Palestine, Palestine
D'aprés la stele de merneptah les palestiniens existent à Gaza depuis plus de 3300 ans ... Ramses 2 merneptah et ramses 2 les ont cotoyés ils sont en provenance de la mer égée ils s'entendaient avec les araméens ...

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