Sonic X Abridged Elk810 Edition episode 1.02

Guy Incognito
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Here it is. It's no joke. It's the first episode. I wanted to finish it in time for Christmas, but New Years is just as good.

My headset broke again, so I got another. Yes, I sound like crap compared to Psy and Yugure now, but at least my *ahem* jokes are good.

Had to fix a few issues I noticed with the video so I fixed it up real quick like. I added a "Actual Dub Line" when Tails says "We're Gonna Save Sonic", fixed some songs that were too loud, censored a naughty word I didn't censor before, and a bunch of other crazy things.

Sonic X is owned by Sega, Sonic Team, TMS Entertainment, TV Tokyo, and 4Kids Entertainment. It is not my property and I don't claim it as my own in any way. This is only a perody.

If you like this abridged series, then get your Sonic X fix by buying the official DVD box sets availible now:

Songs in order:

Endless Possibilities - Jeret Reddick (From Sonic Unleashed)

Way To The Base (From Sand Ocean - Sonic Adventure 2)

Rail Canyon (From Sonic Heroes)

Winning theme song by a landslide: Monsters - Matchbook Romance

Next To You - The Police

Fly Away - Asami Izawa (Second ending theme from Eureka Seven)

Speed Racer theme song

Make Me Cum (Previously Unreleased Demo)- Mindless Self Indulgence

Escape From The City (From City Escape in Sonic Adventure 2)

Sonic Drive (Japanese opening theme for Sonic X)


you're so different and funny :o btw check out my pics!! !!
By tishasweety 3 years ago
i like the part about tails
By sonamy1996 3 years ago