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    C.B. Scott Jones Interview, X-Conference 2008, Washington

    Exopolitics Denmark

    by Exopolitics Denmark

    Frederik Uldall from Exopolitics Denmark, Robert Fleischer from Exopolitics Germany, and William Warwick interviewed Scott Jones at the annual exopolitical event "The X-Conference" in 2008. Jones was one of the speakers at the gathering which took place at the Hilton Hotel in Gaithersburg just outside Washington DC.

    Dr. Jones has had a very interesting career. He worked for Naval Intelligence for decades and was a fighter pilot during the Korean War. He was also an aide to Senator Claiborne Pell and has been engaged in global peace efforts for years. He now runs

    During the conversation he reflects upon the disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence and contact. Furthermore, Jones addresses the importance of educating the youth and Wernher von Braun's warning about a hoaxed ET threat. He also speaks about the late Harvard Professor John Mack.