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Trip of 1000km in Switzerland, from Toulouse, with two fans of Lyon, Gilles and Zeff.. The line-up is now largely broken in and the gig was masterly driven, Winnie Moore now makes forget Shencker so much he has adapted with brilliance all the standards of the group, Pete Way and Jason Bonham ensure a rhythmic of hell, Paul Raymond passes with class from the keyboard to the rhythmic guitar, and Phil Mogg, in great form and very relaxed, ensured splendidly and with conviction the vocal ones. A great UFO. The set-list always forgets the Chapman time, but this gig was directed "traditional", for the recording of the DVD 4 days before in Pumpwerk (see the report of Benji on RockHard magazine, in French in the text !). See also the pictures of Gilles et Zefff, the fans of Lyon, and those of a switzerland fan . We were in the forefront, in the medium slightly on the left, with the banner Lyon France that Phil has recognized to have already seen it in previous gigs..On our left, there was a couple of Swiss with who we have sympathized, and whose girl (who said us to be 40 years old) had a relatively deep low neckline emphasizing a superb extremely sexy chest. All right, Vinnie, since the scene, probably enjoying a good "airplane sight", sent the traditional one launched médiators in this object of covetousness which took delivery of some of them, seen well Vinnie! I launch a call to this couple so that it gives its impressions to us on this memorable concert in the UFO forum ( http://metalden.free.fr/forum/ .

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