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    Hwo to sell stuff on the internet for residual income

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    Check Out Your Competitors
    Search for your keywords and check out the pages that rank highly. How many times is the keyword used in the text? How is the title tag written? Which keywords are in the URL?

    You can also see how many inbound links your competitors have. On Yahoo, enter the text “link:www.(nameofsite).com” and you’ll see all inbound links to that page. Those same sites may also be willing to link to you. If multiple pages ranked in the top 10 have links from similar sites, go after getting those links first – those sites are probably trusted sources.
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    Get Your New Site Noticed
    Google will eventually find your new website, but you can speed up the process. The best way is to get inbound links from trusted sites; when Google crawls those sites it will follow that link to your site – and you’ll get noticed.

    You can also submit your site directly to Google for crawling. Using the basic Site Submit can take months; a better approach is to submit your site at Google’s Webmaster Central. You’ll have to add a small piece of code to your site’s HTML code so Google can verify you are the owner of your site, so your programmer may need to help you. (The process only takes a few minutes, though.) Your pages will then be crawled and hopefully indexed in days instead of weeks or months.

    Yahoo also has a site submit process. Search “submit site” on Yahoo and you can get details on free site submissions as well as paid submissions and submissions to the Yahoo Directory.

    This is about how to sell stuff online for residual income.

    Why? Your site needs to provide good resources for your visitors. Build your site for your audience and you’ll naturally get free website traffic
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