Israel answers the call placed by Hamas & the world notices

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For about a week the Palestinian terrorist organization in Gaza fired about 70 rockets into Israel, and the world was silent. The rockets landed in towns, villages, playgrounds, and murdered one Israeli. Israel answered Hamas’s call with a bombardment from the Israeli Air Force (IDF). This return defensive fire resulted in over 300 dead in Gaza. Now the world notice and is calling for Israel to halt. Where was this world outcry to stop when Hamas was launching 70 rockets into Israel?

Reading the front pages of the American and world press, one would think the Israeli attack was just for sport. Many have accused the American news media of being dominated by Jews. However looking at the recent headlines, one has to wonder. True there are many Jews in the American news media and Hollywood. However these Jews are not representative of Jews elsewhere. The Jews in the American news media and Hollywood are just plain stupid. To them their liberalism is paramount to their own survival, their national identity, and their heritage. Whereas the Jew in Israel can appreciate what needs to be done to survive and has not been infected with liberalism to the degree in which it has disabled the United States of America (USA).

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i believe that no country in the world accept that there citizens were targeted by hamas which u call them terrorist s not the case here....because in the other hand no people in the world accept siege,occupation,assassination...and not to react ,exept they choose to be slaves..just take a look here(tape on youtube or dailymotion :norman finkelstein) u should know many thinks on the history of the conflict
By bla bla bla 6 years ago