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    Disney & Cie [ I'm a Bitch , I'm Lover ]


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    Mélanie et laura

    par Mélanie et laura

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    I Hate the World Today
    You’re So Good to Me, I Know
    But I Can Change
    Tried to Tell You
    But You Look At Me Like Maybe I’m An Angel Underneath
    In a Sentence Sweet

    Yesterday I Cried
    Most Have Been to See the Softer Side
    I Can Understand How You’d Bee So Confused
    I Don’t Envie You
    I’m a Little Bit of Everything
    All Roled Into One

    I’m a Bitch I’m a Lover
    I’m a Child I’m a Mother
    I’m a Sinner I’m a Saint
    I do Not Feel Ashamed
    I’m Your Hell I’m Your Dream
    I’m Nothin’ in Between
    You Know, You Wouldn’t Want It Any Other Way

    So Take Me As I Am
    This May Meen, You’ll Have to Be a Stronger Man
    Jused to Shooter, When I Start to Make You Nervous
    And I’m Going to Extreem’s
    Tomorrow I Will Change and Today Won’t Meen a Thing

    [refrain ]

    Just When You Think
    You Got Me
    Figger Out the Seasons All Ready Changing’
    I Think It’s Cool, You do What You do
    And Don’t Try to Sing This

    I’m a Bitch, I’m Tease
    I'm a Goddess On My Knees
    When You're Hurt
    When You Suffer
    I'm Your Angel Undercover
    I've Been Numb
    I'm Revived
    Can't Say I'm Not Alive
    You Know I Wouldn't Want It Any Other Way