Aromatherapy: Stinky and Soothing Smells


by localizard

41 views A lot of people like to use different smells in their homes to cover unpleasant odors. In fact, there is a whole retail industry based on the public's desire to eliminate nasty smells from their homes. But plug-in air fresheners, potpourri sprays, and scented candles are not necessarily aromatherapy products. The scents are not meant to sooth; rather they are meant to disguise.

Aromatherapy is actually the practice of using plant oils and extracts to bring about a sense of wellbeing in people. Aromatherapy is often used in conjunction with other alternative medicine treatments like massage therapy. There are approximately 90 essential oils commonly used in aromatherapy treatments, and each one has a unique profile and individual purpose. But some essential oils are used together to create an effect that is different than that of the oils when used individually.