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    Scott Steiner (c) vs Konnan (TV Title)


    by Maffew

    01/04/99 Nitro
    Konnan is so stupid, he doesn't even wear his own shirt. Not that I'm complaining, well maybe, but this is the first match in like a half hour. I confess, I didn't watch this match. Tony tries one more time to get me to go off. "If you're thinking about changing channels to our competition, we want to let you know that unlike us, they've got their show in the can, their show's been taped - later tonight, Mick Foley, who's once wrestled here as Cactus Jack, is gonna win their world title. I mean - that's gonna be their World Champion - ha, ha! ... I mean, we're here live every night, they're not." I think he added "except opposite Thursdays, Saturdays, and WorldWide" under his breath, but you couldn't hear it. This particular matchup happened last week, of course, so I feel the need to not bother with play-by-play. Tony again says that every Monday they'll be live. I forget, that last time a taped RAW went up against their live show, didn't that taped show win? Oh, not that it matters. Tony is now saying "LIVE" as if he were Sam Donaldson on "PrimeTime." Konnan has come back with his pulled-out-my-ass offense and is putting on the Tequila Sunrise but Buff is in with the belt - even though it's Konnan hitting Buff and not the other way around, Robinson calls for the bell anyway. Doubleteam is on Konnan, Steiner throws out Robinson (another spectacular Charles Robinson bump - that man is going to Tommy Young himself this year if he doesn't watch it) - the NWO REF is out and the Steiner Recliner is on. Steiner has a chair and whacks away with impugnity. THIS IS THE COOLEST MATCH EVER! (DQ 4:01)