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    The_Eyes_of_Ofra_Haza - (Absolute Justice)


    by onlinelondon

    "The Eyes Of Ofra Haza"
    I can see your eyes
    Before me
    They are burning
    Like before
    Your eyes
    Your eyes
    Your eyes

    I can feel your presence
    Before me
    Your spirit
    Is still here
    Your voice
    Your voice
    Your voice

    I will always remember you
    Your grace and beauty and wisdom
    Are penetrating our hearts
    Through and through

    Your eyes (The eyes of Ofra Haza)
    Your eyes (The eyes of Ofra Haza)
    Your eyes (The eyes of Ofra Haza)

    Words and music;
    Eddy Jacobsen


    The death of Ofra is enveloped with different views and many
    odd sensations - in the aftermath have been excelled; and some
    are really scaring, even...
    Ofra started to investigate the disappearance of Jewish Yeminite babies - including her own
    twin brother - and participated in a film about it called; Absolute Justice; the film vanished from
    public eye after having been shown once in Israel.
    There is even the claims on the Internet, that she was deliberately murdered by infecting
    her with HIV by her own husband, whose credibility now has come to light as simply filthy, where
    connection to politicians and gangsters was the real image..
    Ofra, the modest; the graceful vulnerable being, who was the sample of the World, how people should
    live unblemished, was an easy target for vultures of all sorts; by which it seems she was a carcass
    for evil deeds of some dirty tricky persons....
    But, why did she write this:
    Yes, - she wrote it because she was having pain:
    "Why do I cry at night
    Why do I cry after the light
    Memories of home"