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Psicosis and Juventud Guerrera vs Kidman and Rey Mysterio

9 years ago887 views



01/04/99 Nitro
Kidman and Psychosis start. Back and forth we go to start, counter, counter, counter, Psychosis with a faceslam. He wants to tag Juvi but Juvi says no. Psychosis tags him anyway - meanwhile, Kidman dropkicks a distracted Guerrera, another, third one misses and Juvi takes charge. Atomic drop. Tag to Rey. Huracanrana! Both men in - double clothesline ducked, Rey throws him into Kidman for a Ligerbomb - Rey covers, but only 2. Rey does his spin move. Juvi off the ropes but on his feet, Rey outside, 'rana and Juventud's outside the ring! Psychosis hits a top rope double sledge behind Rey's back. Juvi back in with a springboard dropkick. Guillotine legdrop from the apron to the floor by Psychosis on Rey! Psychosis throws him back in. Psychosis with a top rope double sledge. Juventud is in - double team but Rey sidesteps a charging Guerrera (after failing to tag even though he was in Kidman's corner) tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Guerrera, but Guerrera holds onto him as Psychosis hits a dropkick to the back of the head. Back and forth we go, Juventud hits a backbreaker but only gets 2. Tag to Psychosis - to the top rope - dropkick by Rey. Both men down - both men going for the tag. Tag to Guererra, tag to Kidman! Kidman's a house on fire! No he isn't - well, he ducked and Psychosis hit his partner. Double DDT. Rey and Kidman on the top in different corners - BOTH MEN TO THE FLOOR! Kidman with Psychosis on his shoulders - DOOMSDAY DEVICE! Guerrera makes the save at 2. Whip, reverse, reverse, chop (woooo!) by Guerrera - Rey with a quebrada attempt but Guerrera turns it into a Juvi Driver - 1, 2, Kidman saves. Psychosis throws him over the top. Kick, chop (woooo!), whip, reverse, Juventud pulls up to avoid hitting his partner. Rey takes Guerrera and they hit two standing switches - so when Kidman hits the top-rope dropkick, he ends up hitting BOTH men. Guerrera clotheslines Kidman out of the ring and Psychosis hits the top-rope guillotine legdrop.