Steal Hearts Concert with Special Guest Kiryu痴 and DK Boy

Daton L. Fluker
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Invite your friends.Thanks and Happy New Years to you All.
Kanagawa prefecture Kawasaki Ichikawa promontory Ku Ogawa Cho 14-1
Relations chapter building 3F

From JR Kawasaki station Its about a 5 minute to 6 minute walk
If you are driving please get off at this exit
Kawasaki underground town/[azeria] 36th exit
Here is the access map
http://www. serbian-night. tv/access/index. html
Heres the Parking Map
http://www. serbian-night. tv/access/parking. html

http://www. serbian-night. tv/

■所在地 神奈川県川崎市川崎区小川町14-1 仲章ビル 3F
■電話番号 044-233-3637
■所要時間 JR川崎駅より徒歩4分
川崎地下街 / アゼリア36番出口

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