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    Alternative Medicine and Your Diet


    by localizard

    40 views One of the things that practitioners of the alternative medicine industry push is the fact that what you put into your body has an intense effect on your health. Many practitioners will recommend herbs, vitamins and other supplements to assist the average person with occasional complaints, but for people with chronic or serious illnesses a special diet is often recommended.

    There are many different diets that are commonly prescribed by alternative medicine practitioners for those patients with regular complaints. Patients with diabetes and acid reflux are often put on diets to help improve their conditions. For more serious illnesses like cancer, more strict diets are enforced. Many people have had incredible luck beating cancer by using a macrobiotic diet. Other people who have complaints of fatigue, weight gain, or just general poor health can often benefit from a detoxifying or cleansing diet. It is important to follow a medical professional's advice when trying a diet, so be sure to check with your practitioner before starting any restrictive diet.