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    Tom Magee vs Terry Gibbs


    by rland1987

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    yeah that is the guy from bret harts book, looks like an ultimate warrior crossed with a tin of spam.
    By rabailionelblair7 years ago
    Tony Gilley
    I'm going to have to check Bret Hart's book again, but I think this is the guy he made look like a million bucks back in 86' when Vince was looking for a replacement for Hulk Hogan. After the match, Vince said that their was his future world champion (Speaking of Magee) but Irony being what it is, His future world Champion was Bret Hart.
    By Tony Gilley7 years ago
    I heard a Raven shoot that this guy was someone they wanted to go far, but just didn't have it in the charisma department.
    By Stinger19817 years ago
    I never heard of Tom Magee, he must not be in the wwf long.
    By TSteck1607 years ago