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    [DMV] Bull Fighting (。◕‿◕。)


    par Miet

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    Voici une super vidéo qui n'est pas tout a fait de moi xD
    Mais je l'aime quand meme xD

    Drama: Bull Fighting
    Musique: 最近還好嗎 Zui Jin Hai Hao Ma - S.H.E

    J'adore ce drama et cette musique j'esper que sa va vous plaire ^^ ma dernier vidéo de cette jolie anné 2008 =)

    voici les paroles en anglais :

    Pick up a Christmas card
    Fill it with best wishes
    Address it to the heart
    Can you receive it?
    Weather is a bit cold, wind is a bit strong
    The city is quiet with the noise
    This winter
    I have to go home alone

    Ask myself if I've gotten used to it?
    The nights without you
    The echo becomes so loud
    Is there a good way
    To quiet the loneliness

    How are you lately?
    Are you also struggling inside?
    You said you would remember me, remember?
    How are you lately?
    Are you busy? Does your heart still hurt?
    If you have to, forget me
    Quickly head for your happiness

    Regardless how much I care
    I don't have the right to ask
    Ex-lover's greetings
    Are more awkward than a stranger's
    Yesterday is far, tomorrow is long
    Memories are blurry yet huge
    The tears in this dark night
    How to stop them from falling?

    Je vosu souhaite a tous une super bonne année 2009 ^^
    。 。akemashite omedetô。 。
    merci d'avoir regarder et lu ^^