The 'contrast' that is Mumbai !!!

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Tom Petersen
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This video shows images of Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay), and highlights the contrast of its slums and modern day buildings.

Situated in the heart of Mumbai, is Dharavi... Spread over an area of 500 acres, and having the reputation of being Asia's Biggest Slum... it is set to become the site of Asia's largest urban renewal project.

Dharavi occupies some of the most valuable Real-Estate in India... for it is situated in the heart of India's Financial Capital, and offers huge commercial potential that the Government wants to unlock.

Laborers from across India have long been attracted to Dharavi, in the hope of earning a few dollars each day, and saving for their family and future. Dharavi's 'mostly unregulated' Industries, produce an estimated $400,000,000 worth of goods each year.

Among Dharavi's residents, there is a lot of opposition to the proposed Redevelopment Project, as they have seen similar Projects 'fail dismally' in the past; and it is believed that much of the Industry currently located in Dharavi, will no longer be able to be catered for, once Redevelopment has been completed. An additional major concern is that the 'free-housing' that has been promised, will house only a fraction of those losing their homes !