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    Bush's Afghanistan !!!

    Tom Petersen

    by Tom Petersen

    Warning: This video contains graphic images that are not suitable for children.
    Viewing is recommended for 'Mature Audiences' only !

    Within this video, I am endeavouring to show the side of George W. Bush's 'War on Terror' that we are not seeing through the media. The true impact of the US Military intervention in Afghanistan... and how it is affecting the lives of ordinary Afghanis.

    President Bush's War on Terror is supposed to be 'bringing peace and democracy to a troubled world'... but whenever I look at the devastating reality of life in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the continued atrocities being committed by Israel against the Palestinian People (knowing that those atrocities are being funded by the US Government)... I am convinced that instead of 'Defeating Terrorism', we are creating a whole new breed of Terrorists !!!

    Peace isn't achieved through 'domination and fear'. They only breed 'hatred' and a hunger for revenge !
    The best weapon toward the achievement of 'world peace' is 'Education'... and an appreciation that 'tolerance and respect toward all people' brings us closer together in a world where caring for each other takes precedence over bloodshed !

    As a human being... I am very deeply ashamed and disgusted at what we have allowed ourselves to become over the past few years... and to anyone who believes that God is not absolutely disgusted by what he sees us doing... take a look at our actions 'through the eyes of a child' !!!