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    The Blackberry Storm


    by musixluver

    368 views There is one benefit among others that consumers already like about the BlackBerry Storm, which is the reasonable price. This is in addition to the many BlackBerry benefits and features that are included in the cost. The BlackBerry Storm was officially unleashed to the smartphone market on November 24, being offered for sale in the Verizon store. The BlackBerry Storm is the first touch screen device to be offered by Research in Motion. The company went all out to make their new debut with an innovative technology which is exclusive only to Research in Motion, and sets the BlackBerry Storm apart from any other smartphone on the market. This is a unique technology called SurePress which is located below the screen display instead of having a built-in keyboard. When users touch the screen with a pressing motion, it produces a clicking sound that tells the user exactly what selection they have made. This unique new SurePress feature creates more accuracy for texting as well as alleviates the frustration behind accidentally making selections on the touch screen. This is a great benefit which offers two touch screen options. In the portrait mode, SureType is featured and in the landscape mode the QWERTY keyboard is accessible. The innovative touch-screen feature has labeled the BlackBerry Storm the next competitor to the iPhone. Another benefit of the BlackBerry Storm is its extensive email capabilities that integrate with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus, and GoupWise, to name a few, and also provide for integration with personal email accounts.