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    Darren Holmquist Demo Reel

    Darren Holmquist

    by Darren Holmquist

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    Contact Info:

    My Martial Arts Background:
    Kung Fu San Soo
    Shotokan Karate
    Tae Kwon Do
    Muay Thai
    Jeet Kune Do

    Spin kicks (Tornado, hook, spinning heel, etc)
    Side Falls
    Kick exchanges
    Suicide Falls
    Choreography-Action Direction
    Taking "REAL" Hits
    High Kicking

    Kicks, exchanges, falls, acting, martial arts, stunts, and choreography all from me over my 3 years of starting Dardrex. This is my best stuff to date and I'm really trying to get myself seen. Please spread this around? especially to indie filmmakers and directors.

    Michael Osa
    Chris Brewer
    Matt Bethel
    Brad Chambers
    Vince Beas
    Chelsea Bailey
    Gary Brown
    Eric Smerdon
    Jeremiah Esses
    Kim Davis
    Ed Reginato
    Gary Royale
    Corey Eshom
    Matt Lang
    Joey Castaldo
    Eric Denmark
    Brandon Chambers
    Brent Perry
    Matthew Bailey
    Jeffery Griffith

    Movies: (Directed by myself unless otherwise specified)
    Rogue Hunt (Various shots throughout film)
    Ken's Silent Version of Tracy Lett's "Bug" (Directed by Ken Ableman)
    Lucky Confrontation
    Michael's Revenge (Directed by Darren Holmquist and Michael Osa)
    Michael Osa's Knife Fight (Directed by Michael Osa)
    Kick Demonstration
    Chris Brewer Test Fight
    A Hit on Teddy
    Intro Fight AKA "Did We Get Him" Fight (Directed by Darren Holmquist and Vincent Beas)
    Pick Up
    Challenge in Old Shasta
    Team Up (The Stunt People) (Directed by Chelsea Steffensen)
    Redding Taekwondo Demo Team Demonstrations
    Queen's Wrath
    Corey's Return
    Mike's Practice 2
    For the Hell Of It 2 (Completely Redundant)
    Ranting and Raving
    Unorthodox Brawl
    Darren Holmquist vs Matt Bethel Test Fight
    Trash Reel (Darren vs Corey)
    Free For All Test Fight 3 (Family Edition)
    Sword Club
    Osa vs Holmquist Test Fight
    Dramatic Test Fight
    Family Honor
    7 Man Brawl Test Fight
    Another Test Fight
    Free For All Test Fight 3
    For the Hell Of It