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    National Co-Op for Chews4Health Launching|RADIO-TV-Print Ads


    by NutraBuzz

    The National Co-Op for Chews4Health is launching January 2009. Massive marketing via RADIO, TV and Print Advertising is part of this revolutionary marketing campaign. No longer do you have to try to market alone. NOW you can have a huge impact with the Chews4Health's team approach to marketing. Dr. Friedman is a PROVEN Marketing Genius.

    Dr. Friedman has formulated a "first of its kind" whole food / antioxidant chewable tablet that includes 16 powerful ingredients from the most nutrient-rich sources in the world. TOGETHER in one tasty, convenient and affordable chewable supplement. All natural. NO preservatives. KIDS and ADULTS love them. Super fruits and concentrates such as acai, noni, goji, mangosteen, cranberries,blueberries, raspberries and pomegranate. This is the FIRST chewable w/ a sea vegetable blend of bladderwrack, dulse, kelp and nori that's EVER been on the market. "Chews" includes Folic acid, vitamin B12, alph-lipoic acid, and resveratrol also.

    BUY RETAIL or JOIN our LEADERSHIP team at As a member of our team - you will experience SPILLOVER as this CO-OP reaches millions of people across the nation.

    JOIN the FUN.