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    Birdy & The Blasted Blood : Lies & Scorn

    Bernardo Le Challoux

    par Bernardo Le Challoux

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    "Lies and Scorn", paroles & musique de Khalid HALLOUL, Leader de B & The BB, mise en vidéo par Fabien 'Mamadou" RAYMOND et Emmanuel "Mr Groove" PAMPURI.

    Le son a été mixé Par Pierre -Emmanuel GUINOIS au studio VOX POPULI (Lyon)

    Chant & Rythm Guitar : BIRDY/Khalid HALLOUL
    Lead Guitar : Fred TAN TENG HA
    Bass : NAROS/Bernardo LE CHALLOUX
    Drums : Patrice PEGEAULT

    1. killing black angels
    guardians of hell
    striking off the sky's gardens
    spiritual boys
    where are your golden rules
    the promises you made ?

    Chorus : all i read in your hearts
    in your souls
    is lies and scorn !

    2. until coloured man
    becomes a man
    until my prayer
    becomes a song
    until the desert
    becomes a green land...


    Bridge : soon i'll be a light
    i'll be a might
    or something like that...
    dreams walk across my nights
    in the lime light
    in the silence of death !

    3. the ruins cry your past
    now you're lost
    where's your powerful face ?
    where's your mad race ?
    life is just a day
    and your day's gone !