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    La première Playstation360


    par Sam

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    Je précise pour ceux qui ne l'aurait pas compris que je ne suis pas l'auteur de la vidéo.

    Je cite l'auteur:

    " Hello, you are viewing the first ever PS360! never done before! This console is very intense, it was not easy, and took over 20 hours to finish, and once it was done, I was happy, but for now, it is very very RARE! no one else has such an odd console, and I am the creator. I have done many mods, but this is one you have to have! So I am going to put it up for auction on for anyone to become the buyer of such a great workign console! I played this system for over 65 minutes, and no signs of overheating, I had to add 2 other fans to an addition to the 2 stalk fans. well there is much more to make this console amazing, and I have it all listed on my web ste, here is the link just for your viewing...

    Also, you want to own this consle? here is your chance! the ebay auction is going to be up for sale! here is the item number...

    Item #

    copy and past this item number in the ebay auction bar, and you have it made! for more cool mods, please visit

    Thank you! "