[HQ] Beyoncé - God Bless the USA (Proud to Be an American)


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With talk that Beyoncé will be performing for President Elect Barack Obama's Inauguration Ball. Hopefully this will officially be release come January 20, 2009.

Official Website:

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amei essa musica
Par Hick Smith Il y a 5 ans
Par Hick Smith Il y a 5 ans
nice melody, I'm searching for ringtones at 25ringtones.info :P
Par samell82 Il y a 6 ans
so you love America !! I thought you do not like America sorry I misunderstood about you !!
Par Fukui Manabu Il y a 6 ans
Merci Innocence-1992 pour ton com' et tes étoiles! ^^
Par Կ.Մ. Il y a 6 ans
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