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    John Morrison is beyond Sun and Moon

    Jim Cusick

    by Jim Cusick

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    This is Jim by the way for the Lochness Review. Hopefully we'll get into these videos again soon. I'm sure Ashley does not approve ;)

    This is a great song and I thought it deserved a just as great wrestler to tribute it. Surprisingly, I finished this faster than I thought. Next time I'll add an intro so it isn't a blank tribute as the rest.

    I tried crediting all the matches that were used. Everytime I watch a WWE tribute I wonder where the events are from. It is sort of like footnotes for a research paper. Trust me I could've did a better job especially when I just did a 10 page paper on the invasion of Iraq invading Kuwait without mention US post joining.

    Sorry I got distracted. Two clips I forgot to mention:
    -Survivor Series 07: The Miz v. CM Punk(C) v. John Morrison
    -ECW: John MOrrison promo on the four men(Big Daddy V, Boogey Man, CM Punk, The Miz) fight for a chance to have a championship.

    I think I did a great job but criticism will help me with my next music video. Next one will be Kane with a Mall song; Jake knows them. By the way Sony Vegas Studio is awesome. SCREW APPLE COMPUTERS!!!