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    Alex Jones' Zionist behavior


    by Azperin

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    Karan Bhatia
    aahahahh it is so funny how this idiot alex jones gets all worked up when the caller reveals his identiy. ahahahah. this jew-dog got totally pissed. lulz, then he threatens the caller by calling him to his jew york city lulz. thanks to this video, i am now totally convinced about this idiot being a jew planted agent of misinformation. good work thats the way to go in uncovering such chuts. yes saudi and qatar money IS also being put in hollywood but it is being done through masons not the arabs themselves. the jews have controlled many converted-to-masons south indians and sent them to these arab countries as their plants for getting the money. too complicated can't explain fully so i'll just write linkages. Jews >> Masons >> Black south-indians living in Qatar UAE etc >> Jews
    By Karan Bhatia5 years ago