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    vSide - Degrassi Listening Party


    by Nicole

    Watch snippets of the crowd at the Degrassi Listening Party with Ling and Action (a producer at Degrassi); we listened to the whole album while chatting. The video plays alongside some memorable conversation between Ling & Action - video and audio are not happening at the same time. Find out some fun facts about which Degrassi characters auditioned for what roles, and who Action gave shout outs to, the cast in Cinderella and Dog Sees God. Congrats to callieboballie, notyourgirl, Benji65, starsprite, and kaleidocat for your win of CD's autographed by Jake Epstein!

    Download the full mp3 (thanks Benji65!) -
    Download the chat bubble -

    Upcoming event: Ling's goodbye party = ( on January 3rd. Mike Lobel is confirmed.